Para Ordnance Subcompact Polished 1911 Grips - SMOOTH

SKU: $30.00
Carry 9, Carry C6.45 LDA, Slim Hawg & Elite Carry

  • Made in USA
  • One (1) pair of "SMOOTH" grips for the subcompact Para Ordnance 1911.
  • Will fit the Carry 9, Carry C6.45 LDA, Slim Hawg & Elite Carry, As far as I know these grips will not fit any other brand 1911s out there, only a few subcompact from Para. These grips are shorter than the compact officers model.
  • Slightly thicker than factory.
  • Machine polished to a mirror finish.
  • Any white glares seen in photo are just reflections from the lighting. 
  • The grips are made out of a very solid and durable polymer material.
  • Uses your factory grip screws and bushings ( not included )

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