Kimber Micro Carry .380 Grips - PUNIZHER

SKU: $45.00
  • Made in USA
  • One (1) pair of DURAGRIPS " PUNIZHER " grips for the Kimber Micro Carry .380.
  • Choose from Gloss or gritty texture.
  • PUNIZHER  image is engraved deeply into the grips.
  • The grips are made out of a very solid and durable polymer material.
  • Uses your factory grip screws and bushings ( not included )

  • Q: What is the difference between round top and flat top?

    A: Mainly just for personal preference and would not affect fitment. These are 2 different style cuts for the top of the grips. The round top is like the factory grips profile and the flat top is just cut straight across, Please use photo in listing for comparison.

    Q: What is ambi-safety cut and do I need it?

    A: Some Micro .380 models have ambidextrous safety, meaning left and right thumb safety. If you have a thumb safety selector on both side of the frame then you would need the ambi-safety cut.

    Q: Will these grips fit my Micro 9?

    A: These grips will not fit the Micro 9.

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